Team Roster 2022-23


Ryan Lin

12th Grade

Millbrae CA

Team Captain

My main interests are swimming and programming. In my spare time, I enjoy going out to games with friends and grabbing snacks. I also like playing pickup basketball games and the piano!

TA Headshot - Tanisha Gupta.png

Tanisha Gupta

11th Grade

San Francisco,CA

Vice Captain

Enjoys visiting and hiking in National/State Parks, and loves biology, computer science, and engineering.

pfp123 - Ayden Hur.png

Ayden Hur

12th Grade

Westmont, Illinois

Outreach Lead

Currently focused on oncology and neuroscience. I love going to the gym, creating social media content, and learning new skills like responsible investing and cooking


Ethan Yun

11th Grade

San Jose, CA

Software Lead

I live in the bay area. I love programming. In my free time, I like playing roblox and shadow fight 2. I'm currently interested in machine learning.




khizar khan.jpg

Khizar Khan

12th Grade

Oviedo, Florida

I enjoy learning coding and reading books in my free time. My main hobbies are learning more about programming and finding new books to read.

Foto da Alino B - Alino B.jpg

Alessandro Bonecchi

10th Grade

Modesto, CA

I play tennis and basketball competitively, enjoy racing RC cars, and have been at Stanford OHS for 2 years.

IMG-4814 - arihant a.jpg

Ashwin Naren

8th Grade

Santa Clara, CA

I like programming, literature, history and play classical music in Guitar.

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 5.38.18 PM - Aanya Gupta.png

Aanya Gupta

8th Grade

San Francisco, CA

I love to dance and hang with friends. I love to design objects online and mess around with different tools in order create something hands.






IMG_4884 - Mark Y..jpg

Mark Yu

8th Grade

Foster City, CA

I have loved robotics ever since the first Lego robot I put together. I love to read, code, and eat food. I enjoy learning new things, I play the piano,  and I enjoy swimming. I have also been a Lego fanatic since I was 4, Ever since then, I have enjoyed assembling things together with my hands.

RohanSatapathy Headshot - Rohan Satapathy.jpeg

Rohan Satapathy

12th Grade

Naperville, Illinois 

This is my first year on team 5206, but this is not my first time doing robotics, as I did Lego robotics in middle school. My favorite subjects in school are Math and Computer Science, and in my free time I like to play jazz piano and do martial arts.

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 8.40.02 PM - Rachael Lin.png

Rachael Lin

9th Grade

Millbrae, CA

I work in hardware for Team 5206. I'm interested in programming and learning new languages. Some of my hobbies include baking, playing piano, and swimming.

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