The Mission

Our Purpose

Our team seeks to inspire its team members and others to pursue STEM, and the robots we build are the culmination of a thoughtful and diligent design process. As an innovative team with members spread across multiple states and countries, we continually develop our systems of communication by utilizing various online media in tandem with physical build sessions. Our geographical diversity gives us multiple perspectives, which we utilize to remain as strong and competitive as possible.

Our Working Environment

Our collaborative working environment is a unique one because due to being an online school we have members around the globe. Everyone can participate in different ways, focusing on hardware or software, and meeting either offsite or onsite. Our club is dedicated to including every student in our school that is interested in robotics, and no matter one's skill level, there's always a place for them here.


Offsite Meetings

Offsite meetings are held on Adobe Connect, and everyone, no matter their location, can join in to brainstorm on strategy, design, and algorithms.

Onsite Meetings

Onsite Meetings are held in California's Bay Area, where local members meet to physically construct the robot, and test software in-person.

Our Team

Get to Know Us


Andrew Chiang

12th Grade - Saratoga, CA - Team Captain

Enjoys basketball, swimming, playing the cello, science fair competitions, robotics, and basically anything related to STEM.


Thomas Lu

11th Grade - Foster City, CA - Vice Captain

Researches computer science in science fairs, but prefers to mess around with code instead. Also a 3D printing enthusiast, and does competitive physics.


Ryan Lin

10th Grade - Millbrae, CA - Software Lead

Enjoys swimming, playing basketball with friends, and going out with friends. Is particularly interested in going into computer science, as coding is fun.


Sophie Mansoor

11th Grade - Los Altos, CA - Outreach Lead

Is a competitive soccer player, enjoys playing the violin, and a Marvel-enthusiast. Interested in pursuing a STEM-related field.


Elijah Rowe

11th Grade - CA - Mechanical Lead

Coming soon


Paige Yeung

12th Grade - San Jose, CA

Enjoys math, computer programming, and trail running.


Allison Ye

12th Grade - Palo Alto, CA

Flutist/flautist and cat owner.


Jack Chen

11th Grade - Suzhou, China

Enjoys swimming and loves tinkering around with electronics. Also interested in aviation and chemistry.


Fan Du

11th Grade - Burlingame, CA

Likes programming and participating in math competitions.


Nono Horiuchi

11th Grade - Akita, Japan

Loves dogs, puzzles, and making things.


Vivek Bharati

11th Grade - Los Altos, CA

Enjoys playing football, is a New England Patriots fan, and is obsessed with fixing the robot.


Nathalie Auslander

10th Grade - Menlo Park, CA

Is interested in science, art, and architecture. Loves animals, plants, and reading.